Moumouren on Reddit:

As a middle class person, I used to think that I was poor and that I needed to have enough to not worry about money tomorrow to be rich. Visiting new places and meeting new people from around the world has taught me that not everyone shares this view. Every culture has its own unique view of rich; a WW2 veteran is satisfied with recycling old parts in city run by a stable government; an Asian grandmother is satisfied to live to see technology at this rate; a maid is just happy she got into the country at all; a millionaire aspires to have political and social connections.

When you expose yourself to other people’s lives, you’ll realise that not everybody shares this common goal of being a millionaire. In fact, if you drive a half hour in any direction, you’ll probably find someone who couldn’t care less about having a million dollars. In reality, middle class people only comprise a small percentage of the world population. We’ve been living in a bubble, a “middle class bubble”, so to speak, where being a millionaire is the end game. Just like how the rich live in their “rich bubble”. The moment you achieve a million dollars, or you lose all hope of being a millionaire (e.g. taking care of a sick loved one), you stop ‘feeling’ all the things associated with being a millionaire as “rich”, because you’ve stepped out of that bubble.

If different people can have different ideas about being rich, it just exposes the fact that being rich is not an absolute thing, but relative to whatever position you are presently occupying. It’s just that the world is so very vast, and few of us have actually had to make that paradigm shift to step outside of our own bubbles. The one thing which connects all the above examples in their respective definition of ‘rich’, is actually happiness. When you realize that, you’ll realize that you haven’t actually been chasing money all this time. You’ve actually been chasing what your culture considers as happiness. In reality, there’s no such thing as being ‘rich’. You don’t actually need a million dollars to feel that ‘rich’ feeling (and from what I’ve observed, millionaires rarely actually feel rich). And if you pursue happiness instead of money as a goal, you’ll find that ‘rich’ feeling to be a lot more accessible.

tl;dr: The true definition of rich is happiness. It’s all relative.