Ten years ago, when John Gruber opened up membership for his Apple-focused site Daring Fireball, some Mac app makers offered their apps as one of the membership prizes. I got curious and went to check how these apps are doing today. Additionally, I also wanted to know whether the URLs to those apps remain consistent for an entire decade or not. Here’s my finding:

[table tf=”last”]

App name, Current Status, Latest Version, Last Updated, Original URL

NetNewsWire,Alive,4.0 beta,Mar. 13, 2014,404moved here

BBEdit,Alive,10.5.10,Mar. 08, 2014,Works

Mailsmith,Alive,2.3,Dec. 26, 2010,Works, but the app was moved here

TextWrangler,Alive,4.5.8,Mar. 08, 2014,Works

Super Get Info,Discontinued,—,Dec. 19, 2007,Works

Interarchy,Alive,10.0.4,Jul. 25, 2012,Works

IconBuilder Pro,Alive,8.5.3,Dec. 02, 2011 (source),404moved here

CandyBar,Alive,3.3.4,Aug. 03, 2012 (source),404moved here

Pixadex, Iconfactory does not list the app here, so presumably dead,2.0.2,Jan. 27, 2006 (source),404

iPulse,Alive,2.5.2,Dec. 19, 2012 (source),404moved here

xScope,Alive,3.6.3,Dec. 2013,404moved here

Fetch,Alive,5.7.3,Sep. 10, 2012,Works

Style Master,Alive,5.0,Jun. 2009, apparently,Works

Audio Hijack Pro,Alive,2.10.10,May 22, 2014,Works

Nicecast,Alive,2.10.10,May 22, 2014,Works

VoodooPad,Alive,5.1.3,Nov. 6, 2013,Works, automatically redirects here

iDrum,Alive,1.7.3,Apr. 2, 2010,404, apparently acquired by iZotope, now available here

Path Finder,Alive,6.5.3,Mar. 12, 2014 (source),Works, automatically redirects here

Still alive:, 16 out of 18 (88.88%), , URL still working:, 11 out of 18 (61.11%)


It’s pretty impressive how most of these apps still exist and get updated after all those years.