Nowadays, with Google Reader gone, I mostly read blog subscription feeds using Reeder on the iPhone. In the yesteryears I had been a voracious reader of feeds, subscribing to hundreds of feed at one time. Thousands of unread items were not unheard of. However, lately I’ve been filtering and pruning and generally trying to manage my attention better. This results in a constantly curated list of feeds that I keep revisit and update if needed.

For the first installment of Subscription Feed Update on this site, here are two sites that I have subscribed to recently:

John Stanmeyer blog (feed):

I first came across it when looking for reviews of 2013 Macbook Pro, and ended up finding his post about it. The post was such a refreshing read after slogging through some of the more general, technical ones. Stanmeyer confessed that he is the “Anti-Tech”, but that makes his perspective even more valuable. From his experiences as a world-class photographer, he sold me on the laptop using stories and anecdotes better than any specs comparison can. I’ve been trying to find blogs outside of my own field to follow, and his blog is a perfect addition to my feed reader. It’s a bonus that his site runs on WordPress, using good old Neoclassical theme.

True Music Facts Wednesday (feed):

My experience with music is rather similar with photography: I like it, but not particularly in-depth about it. One thing I know is that I often enjoy a song or an album or a band better after reading a story, or a review, about it. Knowing the context of a particular music adds to the enjoyment, and this particular blog looks like a treasure trove of stories about music.

Feeds I’m unsubscribing from

Due to economy of attention, I made a semi-rule to remove feeds anytime I add some. Here’s what I’m removing from my reader, in the hope that it might find a better home in my readers’ (feed) reader:

  • Inside Envato. I’m not a freelancer anymore, and the content of the blog no longer matches my immediate need for education or entertainment.
  • The Great Discontent. First I have to say that I still love the interviews, so very much. Lately they’ve been changing their feed’s setting to only display excerpts instead of the full interview, and going to their site to read everything is such a hassle on mobile. I just don’t think any browsers on the iPhone is well suited for longform content, and the text-based alternative inside a feed reader used to be an acceptable substitute. They recently released a book version as well, and I’ll think about reading the content from there instead of from a feed, as the interviews remain relevant regardless of publication date.