Samsung produces a pair of lens, one telephoto and one wide, that can be added to a S7 phone using a special case. Both the lenses and case are sold in one package. There were a few reviews of it on the web, but most of them do not come with picture samples with enough variation in them, mostly just one spot taken with three different lenses (regular S7, with telephoto, and with wide lens).


I bought the lenses anyway and tested the wide lens on various scenes. To show a bit more about how the wide lens and its 108° angle coverage performs, have a look at the pictures below (click each picture for bigger version):

These are all straight out of the camera, with a few edited a bit with Snapseed app. I like that the wide lens helps find more interesting angles and put more things into a picture. Occasionally it adds a bit of a photojournalistic style to the pictures, which is quite fun. The lens also feels quite sturdy and well-made.

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