Forums can be extremely difficult to manage, and my support forums were no exception. It’s easy to lose track of tickets and even easier for tickets to get off track as multiple users jump into threads with their own questions.

Pippin Williamson, founder of the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin, decided to move from using bbPress forum to Help Scout as a main support channel.

This is interesting to me because I’ve been volunteering on the support forums for the last few months. I found that a forum thread is great for quick questions, but communication quickly become unmanageable for complex and long issues with multiple posters.

The forums will remain public and anyone can access them. All tickets over the last 4 years are there and everyone is welcome (and encouraged) to search them for solutions to any problems.

Openness and complete archiving are two of a forum’s main strength as a support channel, now that I’ve actually have the experience working with the medium. Kudos for Pippins for keeping the forum public.