If asked to describe Daring Fireball with just one word, I would not choose weblog. Rather, I would call it a column. Given a few more words, I would call it as a Mac column in the form of a weblog. To me, the two great formats for writers are the book and the column, in the same way that the two great foot races are the marathon and the sprint.

A good columnist establishes a rhythm, writes with a distinctive voice, and connects to a regular readership. That’s exactly what I’m striving for here. I don’t want to publish it anywhere but right here, on my site. Daring Fireball is more than just words; it is an entire presentation.

This is from John Gruber’s old post.

I’ve been having some thoughts about what type of writing I’m trying to have this site. From the start I did not view this place as a blog, because a blog evokes a personal diary kind of feel that I definitely am not trying to have here. For a while I set up the site with two categories of content: Article and Excerpt. Gruber’s post above clicked a certain part in my brain and made me think, “yes, that’s the kind of thing I’m trying to write.”

Then I’m not quite sure what’s the difference between an article and column, so I did some research. Answers.com (which I won’t link to) says that ‘Article is “objective” in its nature while Column is “subjective in its nature.‘ As Answers.com is not that trustworty as a reference, I looked up Wikipedia and turned out the pages about Article and Column more or less confirmed the idea. That’s good enough, so now I’m changing the category to Column.

More importantly, though, I have to think about the rhythm and presentation parts that Gruber mentioned. Sometimes when I visit sites like Gruber’s or Kottke’s, they certainly evoke a certain kind of feel (for lack of better word), despite their minimalism. You go to their site and you just can feel it. You can feel the author speaking, the thought, the curation, the efforts. I think I already got the minimalism look right on the site, but substantially it’s very lacking. This is what I should be working on next.